Services - Windscreen Replacement, Crack & Stone Chip Repairs

Today’s glass in vehicles is extremely tough. But on average a driver will experience a damaged or cracked windscreen once every seven years. In most vehicles the side and rear windows are made of toughened glass which will shatter on impact. Windscreens however, are laminated, which means they won’t ‘shatter’. A Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer provides the strength and means we can repair small chips and cracks with a resin injection.

Repairing chips can save you time and money. A chip can become a crack if left too long. Some chips can result in a failed MOT - yet windscreen chip repairs can be done quickly and easily.
A cracked windscreen could be illegal if it is in the driver’s direct line of vision, so you should get it replaced quickly.

Some of our Vehicle Windscreen Services include:

  • Windscreen Replacement Service
  • All side, rear Car Windscreen Replacements
  • Glass Repairs
  • Glass & Stone Chip Repairs
  • Broken Vehicle Windscreens


Windscreen replacement:

The first steps to removing your car windscreen requires the technician to remove all fixtures on the inside of the glass; the rear view mirror, light sensor, rain sensor, tax holder etc. Next, all exterior trims must be carefully removed. These include the wipers, which with today's modern technology are far more sophisticated than people give them credit for.

With all trims removed the car glass can be cut out quickly and cleanly with the least amount of mess possible. The old car glass is then taken away and disposed of safely according to environmental guidelines.

Safety & Quality:

The importance of the correct installation of your windscreen is crucial to the structural strength of your vehicle and to your personal safety. In the event of an accident you can rely on the rigidity of your windscreen and side panel glass units. we will ensure that correct installation will remain rigid and keep you and family safe. We use Only the best quality glass and materials will be used.


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